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Personal & Analytical coaching with a focus on Growth

I am Koen Meutstege, a poker coach who is driven to help you in enhancing your poker skills. By taking a critical and analytical view on your games, together we can develop the tailored approach that is needed to improve your poker play.  

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Critical analysis on the tournaments you have played, which will result in a fast paced growth and development of your poker play


A positive development of your poker play will boost the chances of gaining more profits from your games


A personal and honest approach is very important when it comes to poker coaching. Therefore, the coaching will be tailored to your personal needs and special requirements


Kritische analyse op jouw eigen gespeelde toernooien, wat resulteert in een snelle groei en ontwikkeling van jouw pokerspel.


Een snellere en betere ontwikkeling van jouw spel zorgt voor een grotere kans op meer winsten.


Persoonlijkheid en eerlijkheid zijn zeer belangrijk. De coaching wordt aangepast aan jouw eisen en benodigdheden.

My name is Koen Meutstege and I am 23 years old. I have been playing poker on a serious level for the past 5 years and have been able to single-handedly build up my own bankroll. At the moment, my overall earnings are approximately $170k in cashes with a profit of $27k. Over the past years, I have gained a lot of experience in ‘the art’ of studying MTTs. With the knowledge gained, I have been able to establish myself as a poker coach and am currently actively coaching other MTT players. My focus lies on coaching players who want to develop themselves to be able to play the micro/low/mid stakes with a more profitable result, ranging from beginners to very advanced players. As a result of my experience in playing many tournaments in the low/mid stakes, my experience with studying online MTTs and my excellent social skills, I am the ideal poker coach for players who want to increase their profits on the lower stakes consistently.

Koen Meutstege



Directly schedule your appointment

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When purchasing a bundle, you only plan in the first session! We will schedule the following sessions together after the first coaching session. Are you not able to have a coaching session at one of the given timeslots? Please feel free to send me a message so that we can have a look at any alternative possibilities together.

Frequently asked questions

In essence, I provide coaching in all areas that are related to the game of poker. However, after a short introduction, it often turns out that the best approach for you is to analyze the tournaments that you have played via the ICMizer-tool during the coaching session. In this way, I can accurately find the weaknesses in the way you play poker and help you improving them. In my opinion, this is the most effective way to guide players in improving their game. The main reason for this is that just following regular online poker courses will not provide you with the tailored support that is needed for to develop a critical view on you own way of playing.

For a 1-on-1 coaching session you need a laptop or a PC (a tablet would also suffice). Having a webcam is nice for the personal atmosphere, but not necessary.

In addition, after scheduling a session, I ask you to answer several poker related practice-questions. If you fill these in a few days before the session takes place, I can better estimate what type of coaching you need. Namely, these questions contain an important part of the fundamental aspects of poker. Of course, it is also possible to discuss the questions during the first coaching session. If you already want to have a look at them, please consult the next frequently asked question on this page.

Lastly, I need a history of the hands you have played during an online tournament (or Sit&Go). In the next frequently asked question on this page it is mentioned how you can retrieve your hand-history.

Besides the above, I take care of the entire preparation so that you can join the coaching session in a comfortable manner without having to invest much time in it up front.

The price for a 1-on-1 coaching session is €40. A session takes one hour and can sometimes take up to 15 minutes of additional time, this does not result in extra costs.

There are also two options for buying a session-package. For €110 you can buy a package of 3 sessions, for €175 you can buy a package of 5 sessions.

Lastly, you can also join a group session. The price for one group session is €20, the session will take somewhere in between 75 – 90 minutes.

A group session is a coaching session in which I provide a deep analysis on a specific topic. I start off the session by clearly explaining the topic and elaborate in detail on the theory. Afterwards, we go through the topic (situation) in an interactive manner by using concrete practical examples. Of course, asking questions is always possible.

There is room for 3 to 5 students in a group session. The price for one group session is €20, the session will take somewhere in between 75 – 90 minutes.

The topic of the group session is communicated clearly in advance via my social media channels.

It is always possible to send me a personal message. You can do so via Discord, e-mail or via one of my social media channels. At the bottom of this page, you can click on one of the icons to contact me. In addition, you can send me a direct message via de Messenger chat-functionality on this site.

Email: koenn8pokercoaching@gmail.com

Discord: koenn8 #1800

In order to get better, several years ago I started following the tournament masterclass of Raiseyouredge. This course has truly set the foundation for the way I play poker today. Also, I have learned a lot from poker streamers such as Lex Veldhuis, Benjamin Spragg (Spraggy) and Tom Talboom (tom_poker_nl) via Twitch and Youtube.

Until this day, I am still spending multiple hours per week in improving my game. I am mainly focusing on analyzing tournaments together with other players, training with the DTO post-flop trainer or training the pre-flop ranges by the means of a range viewer.

In principle, the coaching sessions take place via the online communication tool Discord. Should you prefer to have the coaching sessions via a different communication tool (e.g. Zoom or Skype), you can always let me know.

The KoenPokerCoaching Discord Channel is a community on the online communication tool Discord. In this Discord-channel, everyone who has followed at least one of my coaching sessions is welcome!

Everything related to poker can be discussed, both with me and other members of the community. For example, you can talk about your best games, nice hands played or any other interesting things that are directly or indirectly related to poker. Also, by being a member of the community you will be the first one to receive the latest updates regarding my coaching!

In order to have a successful coaching session, it is necessary to send me the hand-history of a tournament in which you have played a relatively high number of hands.

On Pokerstars, there are 2 ways to retrieve your hand-history:

Option 1: Go to “Settings” (on the right side of your screen when logged onto Pokerstars) à Playing history à Hand history à Check the “save my hand history” box à Click on “change folder” and create a folder with a name that you can easily find back à Change “keep hand histories” to 365 days à Click on “apply changes” and then click “OK” à Pokerstars will now automatically save all hands in the folder that you have just created. From now on, all tournaments (and cash, SnG, etc.) that you play are automatically saved in this folder.

Option 2: Go to “Tools” (on the right side of your screen when logged onto Pokerstars) à History & Stats à Get hand history à check the “Tournament #” box and fill in a tournament number (for every tournament, on the upper left side of you screen (lobby) you can find the tournament number) à Submit. Pokerstars will now send a hand-history from one tournament to your email. In the same way, you are also able to retrieve hand-histories from other tournaments played in the past.

On Partypoker, you can do this via the MyGame-tool.

Should you be using another website, please send me a personal message and I will help you out!

After scheduling the first session, you will be asked to answer several practice questions. I use this approach as I am convinced that these questions cover a big part of the fundamental areas of poker. By answering these questions, and clearly explaining how you came to your answers, I can estimate far better how I can help you as effectively as possible. Of course, we can always go through the questions during the first session as well.

The practice questions are:

Question 1:

The stacks are 40bb and we have no information about the other players at the table. We are sitting UTG. Which of the following hands would you open and which hands would you fold? Why would that be your choice?

A) QTs
B) 44
C) 87s
D) A5s
E) A9o
F) QJo
G) T9s

Question 2:

The stacks are 60bb. The CO opens to 2.5bb. We are in the BTN. Which of the following hands would you rather 3bet than call? Why would that be your choice?

A) AKs
B) AJs
C) A5s
D) KQs

Question 3:

The stacks are 30bb and the BTN has opened to 2.0bb. We are in the SB. Which of the following hands would you push (go all-in) with? Why would that be your choice?

B) AQo
C) 88
D) AJs
E) KJo
F) None of the hands above, going all-in with 30bb pre-flop is madness

Question 4:

The stacks are 40bb. From MP, you pick up a nice hand: QQ. Only the Big Blind calls. Which flops would you c-bet on and which flops would you not c-bet on? Why would that be your choice?

Please also indicate how big your c-bets are and why you choose to use them in certain spots.

A) The flop is 662 rainbow
B) The flop is Ah6h5c
C) The flop is K44 rainbow
D) The flop is 9c8c5h

Koen Poker Coaching